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A few more from Mt Zirkel

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A few more from Mt Zirkel
  • There was one tree across the trail we walked horses under ok going up as too steep and too much deadfall either way to ride around it, but sure close coming back. Saddles scraped going under but horses did great! Sometimes it might pay to have shorter horses![;)]



  • Well THAT's a cutie smiling at the camera!! 
    I think I see scrape marks on one saddle.  Can't exactly let a little air out of the tires to fit them under, can you?  [':D']  Still, I'll stick with my big horses.  Maybe my tiny Appy will change my opinion on that.  It's possible.
  • I like my bigger horses,too. Makes no sense having a taller horse ,getting older, and lifting the saddle over my head and then getting on and off. Keep me in shape right? [';)'] Sherrys horse the big TWH is over 16'3 tall so he rubbed his saddle and Cay my MFT is 16'1.
    That is my nephew who lives in Colo. He had been riding just during hunting season packing in and out. Decided to get into horses and rides with us when we go out. He had just got this horse so was really happy when he followed him right under the tree like a champ.