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Rode Willamette Mission State Park

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Rode Willamette Mission State Park
  • Had a nice ride yesterday at the Willamette Mission State Park just north of Salem, OR on the Willamette river.  The park has 7 miles of horse trails, a HUGE parking area for stock trucks, plus 4 horse campsites with corrals.  It is a multi-use park with several very large picnic areas, campsites, boat launches, a dog park, and paved bicycle trails, and pedestrian trails. 

    The equestrian trails were well-maintained and meandered through cottonwood forests, along the riverbank, through meadows, alongside alfalfa fields and hazelnut orchards, and through flood channels.  My fiancee rode his trusty gray steed, Thunder; I rode Peach and ponied Shelly.  I threw the pack saddle on Shelly to get her used to the breechin' and the double cinch.  This was probably the longest distance she had walked in her life!  She tried pulling back on the rope a few times but Peach doesn't even hesitate a step when that pony line is dallied to the saddlehorn. 

    The biggest challenge was riding Peach alongside live irrigation pipes!  They made funny noises with the water pumping through them!

    Osprey nesting on the power line that runs the irrigation pumps

    my handsome cowboy!

  • HEL-lo! Handsome cowboy is right!  You ain't just feedin' his ego sister!  [':D']

    I imagine the pressures of nursing all melt away from you out there on the trails with your loved ones. [':)']  Are you working yet?  (I bet so.)  Wonderful pictures, beautiful trails.  The Osprey are cool!  Those transformers would light them up!!  (silly birds)  It looks like they've been there a while. 

    Thanks for the pics!!!
  • Think he's a keeper?

    Not working yet, had to apply for a 2nd RN license, my original was in WA state and now I need one for OR.  Applying for jobs, got 2 good responses to my resume (one phone call, one email) but basically both said there are no positions open right now, they would call me for an interview when they need somebody....  better than flat-out rejection!

    I don't REALLY want to start working until after elk camp in September!  Would hate to miss that pack trip.... but if the perfect job comes up, then elk camp will have to wait until next year.
  • Wow, what a gorgeous place ':)'  Glad to hear Shelly did well.
  • I think i'm dreaming..
    What absolute stunning country, I would love to have a ranch in gods country.
    My dream will come true one day..
    For now I'm stuck here in Paris.