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Lovely ride on Olympic Discovery Trail

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Lovely ride on Olympic Discovery Trail
  • There is a brand new section of Olympic Discovery Trail just opened up, that takes the trail system off of about 4 miles of logging road that it used to follow, linking 2 other sections of trail to create a 10-mile continuous trail through the foothills.  The best part is, the ride takes me from my backyard, over the hills and through the rivers, to my friend's backyard. 

    Two of my newly graduated nursing classmates rode with me on Sunday.  It was all just perfect; each hosre and rider were a good match and us 3 girls just had a blast.  It was sunny but a good stiff wind was coming off of the water, but we were comfortable and in high spirits.

    me and Gibson

    My friends and my Haflinger mares

    my friend and I

    good times for all!

    some scenery:

    the ponies

  • What an awesome way to celebrate graduation!  Looks like your friends had a blast!  You'll have them looking for Haffies in the classifieds! 
    Very nice scenery, as usual.  Those tree pics are amazing!  They appear to go on forever!
    I mentioned you and jungle_cat to my BFF back home (VA).  There's a haffie for sale there.  I told my friend those must be addictive horses because people can't seem to have just one!  And they are loyal to their haffies!  (bunch of blonde beauties)

    WOW!  Just noticed those ferns!! 
  • Oh, makes me nostalgic for the days when I rode in those kind of woods!  We lived across from an old logging area that still had dirt roads through it.  We would ride and ride and ride....... nice, cool, sun-dappled trails, occasional deer springing out.
    Congratulations.  Looks like you are all having so much fun.  It is so nice to have a horse/s you can loan out to nice friends to ride, huh?
  •  Absolutly gorgeous place! Your very lucky to have that right in your own backyard!
  • 3equines, do you think we look like we could be sisters?  I do.