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Great trail ridin all weekend!!No Rain!!!!

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Great trail ridin all weekend!!No Rain!!!!
  • We had a fantastic weekend and all sunshine!!Got to ride Sat Sun and Mon over at Cuivre River St Park!!Great trails, great horse, sunshine! Life is good!!!!








  • Nice sunshine!  I love that creek, too.  Is the dark horse a Foxtrotter?  Looks a lot like my freind's Foxtrotters in confo and relaxed attitude. 
  • That is my daughter on Diesel. He is a Tennessee Walker and was over 16"3 last time we measured him. We call him the Gentle Giant as he has a wonderful temperament and laid back attitude, but can motor on. I ride a sorrel Fox trotter that is just a little shorter and they make a great pair! Mine does the running walk and is really smooth too. Would love to ride your part of the country one of these days. We have been to Montana
    This Is my MFT Cayenne

    Another pic of Sherry and Diesel

  • Diesel looks like a Walker when seen from the front with his head up like that!  I relly love the MFT's, I have seen a lot of Tenessee Walkers and only about 1 in 10 of those are horses I would ever consider getting on and riding.  When they are good, they are very good but when they are bad you better hang on and be ready to ride a freight train with no brakes.  Every single MFT I have seen up here has a 'big dog' personality, just loves their people, and are as ahppy to plod along with a Halfinger or Quarter Horse, but can put that foxtrot in gear and fly with ease when asked.  I love my Halfingers and will probably have a good number of mules in my tie, but I think when I get to be about 60 I will have foxtrotters!
  • When we got into serious trail riding, we wanted to ride all day and the qtr horse people didnt mostly so we rode with the gaited horses. We had qtr horses then and I was sore everywhere in places I didnt know I had.[':D']We had to trot to keep up with them just walking. That is when we went gaited and love it. Even if we are just walking, we can cover so much more ground and miles!
       When we first got into horses, we saw a sign  at a farm along the highway that said Haflingers. Didnt know what that was so we stopped to see. They are very impressive with their gentle nature and smart. Really neat horses. Know you enjoy them!There is a lady not far from us that has a team she drives and they really look neat.
      My first gaited horse was a walker from the old lines and an awesome horse. The faster he went the smoother he got. I got him at five and he is now 22 this month. My grandson rides him and he can still go the distance but dont take him on long weekends or trips anymore. He deserves a break as we covered a lot of miles together.
      You are right tho. Have to check each horse individually as just because they are a "gaited breed" doesnt mean they are all smooth in their gaits. I do love my Fox trotter and he takes good care of me. He does bond and follows me around and loves attention.
    This is my older walker, Dandy and my grandson. Dandy takes really good care of him

    Dandy and I

  • I've been over a lot of bridges but THAT is really impressive! 
  • That bridge has been missing a few boards the last few yrs we have been there so now we go down in the water and cross.[':D']