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HOWDY! It's been a loooong time, folks

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HOWDY! It's been a loooong time, folks
  • I haven't been her for..... almost 2 years?  So, not many folks will remember me.  Been havin' a good lol time on another forum, but its gettin a little quiet around there in the trails department.

    Gosh, a lot can go on in a few years.  I've covered a lot of trail miles with my horses, from Hells Canyon to the Cascades to Olympic National Park.  Gotten pretty good at pulling a pack string and getting those loads on just right....

    I lost my precious Arabian, Taz, along the trail last summer; a terrible lapse of judgement on my half cost him his life.  I gained another Halfinger, Peach about a year before I lost Taz.  My youngest mare, Sweet P, is now 5 and she has done it all in the mountains.  Right now she is being trained to drive in harness.  I am currently training a 3rd Haflinger, Gibson, to ride and pack in the mountians. 

    Looking at moving to Oregon this summer, and exploring the Cascades more.  Hopefully breeding my mare, Sweet P, for a mule this spring or summer. 

    Will try to drop in more from time to time with notes from the trail.

  • So sorry to hear you lost Taz.  I remember Sweet Pea!  Always enjoyed your pictures of your rides ':)'  Welcome back!
  • Mr. Taz was a wonderful horse. 

    Just a nice picture to remember him by.

  • Welcome back. This site's trail riding section doesn't see a lot of action either. Hopefully, you will continue to come here and add some of your trail tales.
    So sorry to hear about Taz. I lost a horse a couple of years ago and also blame myself. That's a hard thing to deal with. I know. I really don't even like to look at pictures of that horse. It still makes my heart ache.
  • You are SUCH an inspiration!  It's wonderful seeing you again!  Now show us more pictures!

    Sorry about your Taz.  I just read about the lady who travels far and wide on her horses and she lost her t'bred on the trail.  Very sad.  Big hugs.
  • But accidents happen, whether they could have been prevented or not - you can't see the future and they just happen.  It's not fair.  But it is what it is.  They knew you guys loved them.  3 and qh.