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Training bosal or biteless bridle??

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Training bosal or biteless bridle??
  • I have a 3 y/o arab I would like to start with either a bosal or biteless bridle. Any good, bad experiences? I have tried a snaffle but he constantly chews it and throws his head after 20 minutes.
  • My Shuffler mare was terrible about the bit, chewing, flinging, throwing her head, wouldn't walk straight. Finally I just loosened it. She has been perfectly fine since, except now everyone says "hey your bit is too loose."

  • How do you ride? English? A snaffle is pretty easy and rule of thumb is the wrinkle at the mouth. Have you had her mouth/teeth looked at? Has he had wolfe teeth pulled?

    Have you tried some bitting sessions? Done correctly, it's a good way to get them off the bit. But you want to make sure the bit is comfortable in their mouth. If that's possible. Not so according to the bitless community. I like riding bitless but it's not for everyone.

  • Okay, you probably ride western since this is the western section. doh!