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First Time (Soon to Be) Horse owner

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First Time (Soon to Be) Horse owner
  • Hi! I am hoping to acquire my first horse - He's a Bay Gelding Thoroughbred, 8 yrs old, fully trained, 16.1 hands, 1200lbs - and I'm sure it sounds silly, but I was wondering how to buy a saddle for him. There are a few place around me that sell saddles, but since it needs to fit him and be comfortable for me, how do I "try them on" him? I would have him trailered from his current stable to my stable, so should I stop and have him fitted during the haul? It's only 75 miles, so it's not a very far way, but if he's cranky from being tousled in a trailer, then I don't know how well that will go over either. I am a total newbiw when it comes to this, so any advice would be much appreciated!

    Thank you!
  • It's a great idea to take him to the shop to get him fitted but I don't know if I'd do that on the way home from picking him up. That could be disaster unless you know him really well. Are you an English or Western rider?

  • That's what I was afraid of too - I ride western trail  - I found a Kings Series saddle on horse.com, that I was hoping to find in store somewhere.  Are tack shops pretty lenient about exchanges for sizing?  I don't have my own trailer, so taking him somewhere to be fitted would be difficult after the initial move.

  • Will you have him at a stable where you can place other people's saddles on him and get a feel for the measurements you should be looking for? There's a cool Aussie saddle co that lets you send a tracing - you take a wire and bend it over your horse's withers and make it the shape of his shoulder area. I'm sure there's more to it.

  • I spoke with his current trainer and she said that he's actually a very good traveler and suggested that I do stop en route to the stable to have him fitted!  She agreed that most horses get too stressed, but this guy's unphased by it, so I'll try to make the stop, but if it doesn't work, then I'll definitely look into that company!  I guess there are also a few places around that will let me take a few saddles at a time to try on for 3 days before returning the extras, so I have that as an option now too.  :)  Im meeting/riding him tomorrow, so hoping it goes well with him!

  • OH! And I wonder if he could just stay in the trailer? Is it big enough?  You'll be able to handle him if he starts prancing around? Will you have friends with you?

    If she thinks it's a good idea then there ya go!  Don't forget the saddle should fit without a pad, or at least sit smoothly.

  • Well, I'm unfortunately back to the drawing board as he was a sweet horse, but not a good fit for me! :(  My trainer is looking into some other horses for me now, so I'll see if they are the same with trailering, but if not, I'll be using some of your tactics/advice! Thanks again for your input, I'll be sure update once I do find my "perfect" horse! :)

  • Sorry the horse didn't work out for you but it is a buyer's market right now so the right horse should come along!  I just bought a 10 yr. old TB mare and so far she is wonderful!!  I'm also looking for a saddle....