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racist horse?

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racist horse?
  • Hello everyone im ashamed to admit this but I think I have a racist horse, I got her 2 years ago she was an ex bucking horse and a Hispanic man gave her to me, She was a terrible sight and it took me a year to break her. Yesterday I rode her out along the creek for the first time, we past kids with those swimming noodle things and floatys that scare any normal horse, she didn't blink an eye. then we came across a lone man along the bank that was darker in color and she seen him a 100 feet away she started to tense up, and then as we got closer she flipped out, this horse is my best riding horse and is a pleasure to be on, but she went nuts rearing and bucking and trembling all over, she didn't calm down til we were very far from him. This made me think of an incident last year where she tried to bite a Hispanic mans face off. this horse is not aggressive in any way at all, she never kicks never bucks or bites, you can do anything and she is amazing, the kids can ride her with nothing but a rope around her neck, however it takes her a little while to get used to new people but she isn't like explosive around them just cautious because she was abused. Im not sure how im going to deal with this problem. I don't have any Hispanic friends since high school so I cant just invite someone I know over to work with her. Thinking bout calling the trainer I know for this one.
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  • We have a POA pony who is terrified of men who speak Spanish and mariachi music.  We were told he came from an indian reservation in New Mexico so was probably raised by Hispanics.  He was initially afraid of all adults, not kids but has come around to now only fearing the vet, farrier and anyone who speaks Spanish.  Best pony ever, otherwise!

  • Well, She might be afraid of Darker people because who ever you bought the horse from might've sadly Abused the horse, In any way, So when the horse sees someone like that she might think she's gonna get hurt or what ever