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Equine colleges? Internship? Help!

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Equine colleges? Internship? Help!
  • I'm struggling big time deciding on a college. I have done A LOT of research, & haven't found a school I love. I know that I am extremely picky. I am graduating HS this June. I want to study equine management or equine studies. I would much rather go for an associates degree or certificate program compared to a bachelors. I am currently in Michigan but I DO NOT want to live in any area that has snow, due to a car wreck and my extreme allergy to cold (cold urticaria) I CAN NOT be in an area with snow, I can not be out in the cold for more than a couple seconds and I cannot drive in it thanks to my anxiety. I know that limits my options A LOT. I would prefer to be in Southeast US, but Southwest might be doable. I have lots of horse experience, ridden for 4+ years and grew up around harness racing horses. I would like to become a riding instructor for either a very large show barn, or open my own barn. I have done deep research and applied for Meredith Manor in West Virginia and planned to attend there and somehow deal with the cold and snow, but then I heard all the awful horror stories. I do not want to have to take a ton of classes I do not need, and I want lots of riding time. Another picky detail, but I cannot live on campus. I have an anxiety service dog and a boyfriend moving with me. However, if the college is perfect I will figure out a way around on campus housing. Also, does anyone think that I should just do a long internship or apprentice instead of college? I have talked to a few people who suggest an apprentice or long internship.
  • I hope you find something that fits all your requirements. I was going to suggest one in Montana but... Dana's daughter is at one in So Cal. So you're not as interested in the academics of getting a degree as you are in becoming a riding instructor?

  • There are many many options. Do you have any specific requirements for location?

  • Not really any specific requirements, just want something south, with little snow. I'm thinking more of a working student position/internship instead of going to college for equine studies, I will go for business/management.