hi im new on here im asking a question each times i entered a competions western before the COVID19 happend it allways having this in the right uper side ¨ barn name/showing name:_____________¨ i could never writting the name because i donnot event having her completly name im only having her name MIKA that all because she is a rescue type im owning her event when she arrivied at the ranch i was learning horse riding lesons event if they would selled her to someone else she would be faster back at that ranch because she will be back at the deathly no return point and that first trusthing bond was maded with me she would never letting someone else then me and the ranch propriators . and they never thinking to getting her genetics testing in that times she was at thems so now it is at myself to trying to getting everythings in the right place for her they dosent knowing her reals genes all we knewing was one off her parents was obiviosly a pure breed off arabiants types but the other/others one/ones unkowing event my vet dosent knowing it the breed she could be and he telled me that only blood testing for her three genetics it will costing me at least around 10 000$ CAD