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Hello from Florida

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Hello from Florida
  • married-2 girls 1&5. I have always loved horses. There is just somthing about them. I am 24. I have had my 2 mares for about 1 year. So I am new to the horse would. Only get to ride about once a month cause of the kids.So ever time I get on its still a little scary! But i push trough it. I love them!My horses names are Lena&Jody.Lena is 7 & Jody is 17.I let my 5 year old ride lead line.That a little scary to me too. I am looking for lessons for her in perry FL. no one seems to do any of that around here. I would love to to talk to some of u.
  • HI!  Obviously you're taking it slow, so it wouldn't do any good to advise THAT! [':)']  Sounds like you have a good pair of horses.  How about pictures!! 
    I have grown boys (one's 16 but he thinks he's grown)
    4 horses - AGH!  Too many dogs and cats AND I started riding when I was about 12.  I got out of it for quite a while and I can't say enough about muscle memory.  I highly encourage you to do some walking around bareback if you trust your horse.  Do circles and turns and serpentines.  After you feel so totally at ease (and you've been sore and gotten over it) then do a little trotting.  I just think muscle memory will save your butt when it comes to riding.  Never too late! [':D']
  • Hmmmm...butt memory?  LOL  And, Hunter, here I always thought it was calluses or just wait for the bum to go numb.
  • I thought about setting up some barrels and learning to gain control of my horse. Just walking the pattern.Making her control her front end and back end.. I would love to start barrels. Me and my 5 year old girl(sarah) go out the the barrel shows we have here. My horse are good(I THINK). we just got to get know each other in the saddle.
  • Welcome.  I'm 25 and I just got my first horse in June.  We're not really much for barrel racing though.  You really just have to ride, ride, ride to get those muscles into shape (both yours and the mare's).  Some of those muscles really can only be worked on horse back.  once you develop your seat you'll feel more secure and more confident. 
    Have your mares ever given you reason not to trust them?  (ie bucking, rearing bolting etc...) I leased a horse that was a bucker and believe me I was very happy to have well developed riding muscles.  The feeling you get after riding out a buck is bittersweet... happy you stayed on, not happy he was bucking.  [':)']
    Be careful you don't get your mares sour on the barrel pattern... that can happen.  Fortunately there are a lot of things you can do to get them ready for running barrels without having to do the pattern constantly.  Go for trail rides, go up and down hills, work on bending, etc...
    Good luck and welcome!
  • nether of my horse have (bucked kicked ect) just need to ride more.to get the sissy out of me. Right now I trail ride. My mare seems to throw her head up @ every thing! I am going to try the barrels and poles in a walk to build my (con).Wish i had a round pen!
  • FL here too, but I think a different part, never heard of Perry.......  I'm on the SE coast, directly east of Lake O.
    25 yrs old, married, no kids, 7 horses, dogs, cats, pigs, etc.  I started taking lessons at 5, good luck on finding someone!
  • Cool that you trail ride!! 
    Head tossing might be a bit issue - or teeth....  or not. [':)']
  • When i mean head  up .. I mean when to tree moves ..see looks.when a bush moves see looks. to be honest see reminds me of my daughter that is 5. We have all kinds of horse people around her. But no one to give lesson! I hope i if someone soon!  How young is to young to start riding? I live about 45 min south of Tallahassee fl.
  • OHHHH!  She's A.D.D.!   (just kidding)
    Zag is like that on a trail but he enjoys having joggers and bicycles on the trail.  Makes for an interesting ride....he's probably a.d.d.!  I will myself to be relaxed and calm even if he startles at something, I don't want my body to react and escalate what's going on in his head.
    I don't know how young is too young.  My friend takes her baby with her on rides. [':D']
  • Good gravy get that husband of yours to watch the kids now and then, and ride more girl!!!!!!

  • Hi
    Please to talk to you. I want to say hello.
  • Sorry ... I have not been on to posT!!!!!!! Been @ the hunting camp sense friday..some - what glad to be home to talk horses.. I drive my husben crazy talking about my horses. He is more in to hunting deer. so he talks hunting and i talk horses.. Now that yall said she is A.D.D. I believe she is!!L.O.L
    Hunting season just started her in the deep-south..
     finely got pic to load
  • I bought my horses FOR hunting season. I got tired of hauling deer and elk off the mountain on my back. I got tired of hauling my tent, sleeping bag etc up the mountain to go hunting on my back.  So I got back into horses.  Just tell your husband he can use the horses during hunting season if he helps keep them in shape all year.
    This is where I spend October hunting

  • shut-UP!  *drops jaw on floor*