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Well hello

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Well hello
  • First off my keyboard space bar sticks, lol I am horrible on grammar and spelling. I hope to gain a lot of advise and support. I live in a vary rural area. this town has a smiths, family dollar, two pawn shops and casino's out the end. 

    I can go one of three ways and the Wal-Mart is still about 2 1/2 hours away. my equine vet is 2 1/2 hours in salt lake my small animal vet is in Twin falls no traffic we can make the drive in about 2 hours but not always are luck. I was using a vet from wells About 45 minuet drive but she missed one visit, then eight weeks later I went to take my horses to her and rolled my trailer. She found out she was prego I just found a new fairer that is out of Wellsville UT and she out us on a six week rotation. but she needs at least 10 horses or she will cancel. 

    I walked away from horses after a vary bad fall resulting in my horse Spanky having to be put down. Two days ago was the vary first time I successfully trotted without having a panic attack! Being so vary remount and because of a language barrier, a trainer is not that feasible. however if I can find a way to send my kids on a vacation for two weeks I can haul my horse and my self one that is 3 hours away :) if you have any questions ask
  • Welcome! The forum format is about to change and no one knows if the site address will be the same but please don't let that skeer ya! We ain't picky on grammer or nothin'. [':D'

    Sounds like you've got your  hands full!!  Hope to see pictures one day! 

    I have 2 former harness racers but they're staying in KY.  We just relocated to Atlanta from Hawaii and we're still getting settled. .... for now... [':)']
  • Welcome! Like Hunter said, we aren't picky about grammar or spelling 

    My Arabian/Appendix Quarter Horse and Peruvian Paso Fino are in New Mexico with my grandparents, who I grew up with. Right now, my husband and I are in Arizona, where he is stationed while serving in the Marine Corps. He's a harrier mechanic [':)'
    I hope you stick around, we've got a lot of advice and stories to share!