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New Horse Rider Here!

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New Horse Rider Here!
  • Hello!Im Twingreen8,a horse rider,Harry Potter fan,and someone who loves Narnia!
  • Welcome to the forum!  I'm in Southern Cal and ride horses along with my 16 yr. old daughter.  We mostly trail ride, but also do some eventing.  We love the Harry Potter,  Narnia movies and books also!  My daughter is also a Pirates of the Carribbean fan ':)'
    Do you have your own horse?
  • Welcome Twingreen8!

    I love Narnia! Do you got a horse? What kind of riding do you do?

    Come see us at General Chat! ':)' 
  • You'll have to come back and tell us about your horse addiction! We can all relate. 

    I started riding when I was about 12 - fell in love with an appaloosa. I started taking English lessons and stuck with that discipline. Did a lot of bareback riding, too, since I had a QH but couldn't stand the saddle I had. I grew up in VA where I did most of that riding, took a looong time off from riding but got back into it. Now I'm in Hawaii for a few years and my 3 horses (former harness racers) are in KY. Can't wait to get a place back on the mainland so I can have them with me - at least my good horse who will be an old man by then but still a good horse. [':)']
  • Hi people. Appaloosas are my favorite breed. I ride an arabian, and I love her too. 


  • Welcome HorseGirl ':)'  We have a leopard POA gelding and a Morgan/Arab mare, plus a draft cross gelding and a paint gelding.  We also board a mustang, a welsh pony and an Arab mare!  Tell us what you do with your horses.