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Ello Everybody (=

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Ello Everybody (=
  • Hey guys. I'm new here, obviously, haha. Anyways....I'm Cheyenne, but I guess you can call me Shay for short since its not as long to type.xD I've been riding horses for eight years now, and I own a beautiful seven year old Morgan/QH mare named Cayden. Before her I had a 28 year old Arab/Paint named Chance. Sadly he got to old to do any more jumping, but he has a new happy home. I've had Cayden for a year and three months now. We mainly do hunters, EQ and pleasure. But recently I've been doing some barrels and kinda want to start gaming with her. She's just kinda my all around horse you could say. Honestly she's my rock and I have no idea what I'd do without her, and sadly I'm looking to find someone to half lease her to make it cheaper for my parents. But at least I get to still ride/keep her so that's all it matters. And who knows maybe I'll make a new friend, haha. Well better let you guys go before this gets to long. :P
  • Welcome to the forum, Shay!  We've got a nice bunch of people here ':)'
    I'm out in Southern Cal, have 3 horses and 2 ponies and board two horses at my place.  My 16 year old daughter does Pony Club and eventing.  She just got a Morgan/Arab mare, Athena to train and has a paint gelding, Tahoe that she's worked with for 5+ years.
    I do a lot of trail riding with occasional dressage and eventing thrown in there.
    Welcome and join us in our General Chat.  We all talk about our day and support each other ':)'
  • Welcome to the forum!  I'm new as well!!  
    I hope that you find a rider that you can half-lease your horse to in order to lighten the load on your parents, that's a considerate thing to do even if it means less riding time for you, but you would still get to get keep her and spend time with her and isn't that all that matters in the end? ':)'

  • Hey! 

    Welcome to the group! Come going us at the General Chat!

    I am Michelle, I have done jumping and dressage for a little while. I to am getting into barrles and some gaming....Just some county fairs! Or I will be once my horse gets older, I just bought a QH/Paint that will be 2 in June.   

    I am glad to meet you! 
  • Aww thanks for such a friendly welcome everyone. I'm so excited to meet you guys, all of you seem really nice and sweet.(: Aubree: Thanks! and it really is, I'm just lucky to have her in my life.
  • Welcome!
    I could see where it would be a hard decision to lease your horse, but you seem to be taking a very mature view on it!  Your horse sounds wonderful and I would love to see pictures of Cayden!