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Hello from MN

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Hello from MN
  • Hi everyone,

    My name is Michelle. I am from Minnesota. I am married with a beautiful baby girl named Izzabella. I currently do not have a horse. I am looking like for one in the spring. I ride English, Jump, bareback, and Western. I teach lessons at a farm near my house. 

    Happy to be here. 
  • Hello michellechic,
    Nice to have you and welcome.
    I am a Tex-plant from MN. 

    We have a daily thread over in General Chat, join in.
  • WELCOME.  We always enjoy new members.  Great people on this site.
  • Congrats on the beautiful daughter!! [':)']
    I don't know what kind of plant I am except I hope to end up in Texas! [':D'] I'm from VA but lived in the Memphis are forever and recently moved to CT then transferred to Hawaii.
    3 former harness racers who live in Kentucky are on my payroll. I miss them. I won't be here in HI forever - maybe a few years....
  • Welcome!  I'm a CA native who has been all the way to Alaska and back.  Mom to 3 girls, 15, 16, 21.  My 16 yr. old rides, too ':)'  We have 4 horses right now and do Pony Club, lots of trail.
  • Nice to meet you all!! ':)'