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  • Hello! My name is Kayley and I have a beautiful American Paint Horse named WG Big Time Sugar. Her barn name is Suzy. I bought her from an auction last May and she is my very first horse I have ever owned!
  • Welcome Kayley. [':)']
    Congrats on your Suzy.
    Join us in the daily chat.
  • Welcome and how awesome that you and Suzy found each other!!
  • Welcome to the Forum!  You have to post pictures of your girl ':)'
    I'm from Southern Cal, have 3 horses, mostly trail ride but my daughter does eventing and once in a while my horse and I dabble in dressage and cross country jumping ':)'
    Join us for our daily chat.
  • WELCOME!!!  Join us on our daily chat, please and we really want to see pictures of your girl.  

    What part of the country do you call home?  We are pretty much coast to coast and border to border here.