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  • Hello my name is Paula & I just reciently  aquired a beautiful sorrel QH gelding named Cactus Jack . I was wondering how to post pictures on here ?
  • Welcome to the forum!  You need to upload them to a website like Webshots or Photobucket and from there, you can copy them to the forum.
    I'm out in Southern Cal.  Where are you and what are you doing with Cactus Jack?
  • Welcome! I'd love to see your sorrel! I had one of those growing up, of the Poco Bueno line. He was a dream to ride! We rode bareback everywhere.
    I resize my pics using the Paint program most computers have and I use the document upload at the bottom of the window that comes up when you reply to the post or create a new thread. It's just funny about the size so, you have to do that. Still they come out nicer if you do it Dana's way.
  • Thank you I will try that then . I'll probably post in general chat section so I can elaborate a little more  on him .
  • Welcome to the site ':)'