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Just Signed up!

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Just Signed up!
  • New Here! My name is Elise and I am in Durham NC! I have a Morgan Mare who drives. She is 18 yrs old and we have been together since her foaling, as I am her breeder! I have a BS in Equine Business Management from Johnson and Wales University, RI
  • Hi ya Curly! [':)'] Welcome.
    Nice to have you.
    Join us in the daily morning thread in the General Chat section.

    I am in Central Texas and have 5.
    1 solid palomino paint that ain't and 4 apps, 3 are Indian Shufflers.
  • Welcome!  Dane is right, the most action around here is on the daily thread. 
    I live in NW Minnesota and I have a 5 year old fjord gelding, Reidar.  (We don't drive) ':-)' I studied Equine Industried Management at University of MN Crookston for a few years but never finished.
  • Hi Curl! I recently moved to CT! So I'll wave to RI for ya! I have Stb's and a cart and harness that's never been used. Right now my horses are in a different state as are two of my dogs. One day we may all be together again. I love the Carolinas!