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I'm still alive and kicking!

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I'm still alive and kicking!
  • Hi everyone,
    Sorry I took a hiatus there for a while.  Things have been busy busy busy!  We didn't have much of a winter this year which was very nice. 
    Reidar is away at fat camp (my brother's place) and hopefully he'll be going to the trainer again soon to learn some more stuff.  We're planning on doing the ride in Mandan again this year.
    Since I last logged on I've acquired a truck and trailer.  Neither is new but they're both serviceable.  I bought the truck from my dad.  And BF found the trailer on craigslist for me.  I also got a new saddle.  An old Hereford that fits Reidar perfectly.
    We're starting a new flock of ducks and chickens this year.  The old flock migrated to the freezer. [8D]  We've got 15 baby chicks in the guest room right now.  7 pullets and 8 straight run of various breeds.  And we'll get 10 ducklings at the end of May/beginning of June.  They will be Silver Appleyard ducks.  Straight run.  We're going to keep about 7 hens and a roo and 2 duck hens and a drake.
    We're also increasing our garden size this year. 
    So, I'll be pretty busy but hopefully I'll be able to log on and post some pics and updates for everyone.
    What's new with you all?
    I hope all is well! 
  • Hi Samsara, I'm also from Minnesota. Minneapolis more precisely. Winter really wasn't Winter this year! I missed playing outdoor hockey, only had a few chances when the ice wasn't in a state of repair, but did get to ride horses a lot more than I expected to! Congrats on the truck and trailer. Are you going to Horse Expo? I understand they have a seminar on using our state parks and other places to ride in Minnesota.
  • Great to hear from you!  Yay for the truck and trailer!  It opens up so many more opportunities for you ':)'
    Pictures of all your fowl please ':)'  They are so cute when they are little!
  • Horses, I grew up in the south suburbs. I rode a little bit at UMore Park. I'm not going to the Expo this year which is the first time in... forever. But, I promised a friend I'd help her clear out an old pasture that weekend. Dana, I'll get you some chick pics.
  • Sounds like life is good for ya! Great to hear that!
  • If I get any good info I'll share!
  • We're starting a new flock of ducks and chickens this year.  The old flock migrated to the freezer.

    Hi, Samsara.  Welcome back.  Just saw your post.  I like your way of turning a phrase.  Fat Camp?  I think I need to send Harley to one but Hubby thinks he is perfect the way he is.

    Glad you found a saddle that fit.  I used to ride in a Hereford and it was a great saddle.  Good luck with those chicks and the ducks (when they come)  I just adore baby ducks, can not resist cuddling them.
  • Welcome back Sam!   Fat camp, LOL?   Sounds like something my Riverdance could benefit from.
    I'd like to join you with regards to keeping the birds.  However, first I must build a vermin and pred-proof Chicken House.   Got all the necessary equipment for the chicks.