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Back Again :)

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Back Again :)
  • Hello all~ 

    I gave up my old account (Cali Foxx), and was MIA for awhile. I had to re-home my 2 mares due to a military relocation from California to Incirlik AB, Turkey. We are heading to Alabama in May and will be homesteading there. We are pretty excited about moving there and I cannot wait to buy more horses :) I look forward to meeting more horsey people and networking. 

    About me? I'm nice, friendly, introverted, sarcastic and witty. I'm a hard worker and I am resourceful. I am a combat veteran. I love to meet new people and hear about their lives. I have no kids and I have never wanted kids...that doesn't mean I'm a bad person. 

    I love to be outside, I'm terrified of tornadoes, and I do well in difficult situations that others tend to avoid. I'm married and my husband is amazing. He spoils me all of the time, but I don't act like a princess. 

    I'm a plumber but I only do it to help friends and family these days. 

    Wanna be friends?
  • Nice to meet you Robyn.
     I hope your new farm will be all you hoped for. Good luck with getting new horses. I'm sure you will find some nice ones. 
      Have fun on the forum, lots of nice people here, topics to talk about and interesting things to see.....
  • Welcome Back!  We might be smaller since you were here before but we're a group of really caring people ':)'  Are you still in Turkey or somewhere temporarily?
    By homesteading, do you mean building your own place and raising your own food?  Thank you for your service to our country, by the way ':)'
    I'm in sunny Southern Cal with 5 horses, working on reducing that right now ':)'
    Welcome back and keep us up on the details of your settling in and horse searching ':)'
  • Are you Air Force? CE? Utilities? I'm guard.  Soon to retire. YAY!
    My best friend chose not to have kids, too. She's really sensitive about it. Makes me wonder if she regrets it now. We are a disappearing people, like the French. Still, I've wished MANY times that I hadn't had kids! 
    Did you get your CaliFox back?
  • Welcome back Cali!  and Welcome home.  I know you will find some new ponies to mess over real soon =)

    Do you want your old account back?  I sure can do that for you =) &nbsp';P'lease let me know, Ill be happy to do so for you.