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Hello All from Northwestern Pennsylvania

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Hello All from Northwestern Pennsylvania
  • [:D]
    Hi all.  Just wanted to say hello to everyone and maybe give a bit of background on myself.
    My name is Andrea, I am in NW PA and currently owned by a QH Mare named Dee.  Or as I have come to call her Deedles.
    Dee is an 11 year old quarter horse mare with heaves.  She is a special needs baby and I love her to pieces.  She is my first horse and my introduction back in to riding after 21 year lapse.
    I can't begin to tell you how much I have forgotten!  Thank goodness Deedles is easy going and very forgiving.  I can't wait to share my adventures with you all and hear about all of yours.
    Have a GREAT day!
  • Hello.  Welcome to you and Deedles.  NW PA?  Near Erie?  I am in central New York...near the geographical center, actually, at least that is what the folks in Pratts Hollow claim.

    Are Deedles heaves controlled?  Nice pic of you and her.

    Again, WELCOME.  Join us on any of our spots.  You will find many of us are on General Chat daily.
  • Greetings from Northern California!  I was born and raised in Meadville, Pennsylvania, 40 miles south of Erie.  Have not been home since 1974, but still have lots of family there. 
    I raise foundation Quarter horses and Quarabs here in Gold Country.  You will find this a friendly, informative forum. 
  • Hi! Welcome!!
  • Welcome!  I think a lot of us have gotten back into horses after a break for families and such ':)'  I forget, what exactly is heaves?  I know it is a respiratory illness, is it during exertion?
    Join us in our General Chat every day.
  • HI! Welcome to the forum.

    (Dana - it's kind of like asthma for horses.)