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Hello All New to this forum

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Hello All New to this forum
  • I am 37 and about to get a horse after 10 years of not having one. I had horses for years but a divorce ended my life with horses until recently when I decided it is time to step back into the happiness of owning a horse. I am looking into purchasing a horse now so I have turned here to get a few answers. Thanks in advance.
  • Welcome to the forum!  I kind of did the same thing as you.... ended up a single mom and was out of horses for 12 years, when things stabilized around 40, I convinced my husband that I needed horses in my life.  It's been the best thing ':)'  Welcome!  Join us in our morning General Chat.
  • Was a single mom and started looking in my early 40's. [':)'] I got 3 former harness racers and then added an appy.  I seriously wish I only had 2. 
    Could I interest anyone in a pasture ornament?
  • Hey there. Welcome to the forum. ':D' Looking forward to hearing about you and your new horsey.
  • Welcome back!  I've just got horses again myself this past fall.  It was over a twenty-year hiatus for me.  Single parent thing here, but poverty was in the mix as well.  LOL, well... poverty is still in the mix.   But what the hey, might as well not let that get in the way!   But there I go nattering along.  Join us in the morning thread and don't be a stranger.  Where are you located?  In the U.S. perhaps?
  • Welcome to the forum. Please join our daily thread in General.