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Old member back also

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Old member back also
  • Some of you might remember me as Rennie or Buttercup from other forums.  I was here for awhile back in 2006 when I got my paint Rennie.  Anyway, I sold him 3 years ago and bought a palomino mare named Buttercup (tried to use Buttercup as avatar, but it was already taken[X(]).  Thought it would be good to join up again to see what you all are up to and "chew the fat".

    ANYway... its good to see you all.. many familiar faces![:)]  I'm a middle-aged woman who lives in Mass with my husb, son, a horse, pony, dog (Sheltie), 4 rabbits and 3 chickens.  

  • Nice to meet you dobbin! I've been a member since last July. It's alot of fun to visit this forum, lots of stuff always going on. Have fun!
  • Hi!  Great to see ya!
  • Hi,
    Welcome back ':)'  Still a small, hard-core group here and a bunch of wonderful new people ':)'  Why did you sell Rennie?
  • Welcome back!
  • Thanks for the welcome back!

    Dana, to answer your question... Rennie was just too much for me.  I'm in my mid 50s and don't bounce when I fall off anymore.  It was a sad day to see him go, but I knew I had to for my safety.  Still miss him though.