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New Herd Member........
  • Hello...was looking for a horse forum and found THIS one and it looks like a good'n.  I live in Florida, recently moved from Arkansas.  Just thought I'd stop in and say HI!
  • Welcome WildMare,
    We think we look good to. [';)']

  • Welcome, Wildmare.  Tell us about yourself!  This is the nicest forum I've found, no unkind remarks and such, just a bunch of horse and people-loving folks ':)'
    I'm in southern Cal, have 4 horses, plus board 4 more at my place, used to event, mostly trail ride and do some dressage and jumping with my 2 youngest daughters who ride.  My hubby will occasionally join us on a trail ride.
    Look forward to hearing more from you.  Join us in our General Chat daily thread and tell us what you are up to!
  • Hey!  From the Memphis area myself. 
    We've got someone from FL who checks in every now and then.  She has trail pigs that always make things interesting when meeting other riders on the trail. [':D']
    GREAT seeing ya!! 
  • Thank You!  Well, let's see...tell you about myself....how 'bout the nutshell version (the rest could make Hallmark movie).  '
    I'm an RN who's "burned-out" after 25 years in the operating room working with surgeons (I have a shall we say, "pet name" for them which is censorable, here)  I've been a lifetime Arkansan until I moved to Florida last June, got married in August.  I cannot get used to the sand.  When you've never lived in a coastal area, you have the impression sand only lives on the beach!  I gave up sweeping...it's too fine.  I understand WHY most Floridians elect "tile" for flooring.  We HAD 27 head of horses, gratefully we are now down to about 15 or so...that's about it for now..............
  • Wow, that's a lot of horses!  I have family in Jacksonville, don't know if that's near you or not.
    What kind of horses did/do you have?
  • [quote=danastark]

    Wow, that's a lot of horses!  I have family in Jacksonville, don't know if that's near you or not.

    What kind of horses did/do you have?

    Dana, we have mostly Quarter Horses.  We also have a mule and a thoroughbred and a cart driving pony named "Mean Marlene"....which she's actually anything but.  Jacksonville is about 2 hrs from where we are.
  • Going to look at a QH today!  Might end up my riding buddy's trail or or my hubby's.  The price is too good to pass up so we'll see if he really is what they say he is but something about his face calls to me.......
  • Good luck Dana!  My husband's horse is a Dun stallion...."Smokin' Jo Polite"  He's King on top and Leo on bottom.  He's got a gorgeous head.  He marks his babies pretty strongly.  They all have his head and his mind.  So, I know what you mean about his face calling to you.  I'll see about posting a pic of him.  Hope the QH works out for you!
  • We didn't end up going.... the lady said something about the horse "passing out" yesterday when someone tried him out?  So, we passed on seeing him.  Oh well, there will be another, I'm sure but this one did have a sweet face......
    I'd love to see your husband's stallion.  My hubby prefers buckskins so hoping we'll get lucky and find a great trail horse that is also a buckskin or dun.
  • Here's a pic of "Smokin Jo Polite" on our wedding day.  Ronnie and I were married on horseback.  My mare was in FULL season!  But Jo was "Polite" in spite of himself....LOL
    http://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z425/1wildmare/Smokin%20Jo%20Polite/RonniesWedding026.jpg%5B/IMG%5D' target='_blank' title='http://forum.horse.com/%5BIMG%5 '>http://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z425/1wildmare/Smokin%20Jo%20Polite/RonniesWedding026.jpg%5B/IMG%5D'>
  • Oh and I forgot to mention, Jo served as both "ring bearer" and best man!  Ronnie and Jo have been together over 20 years, since he hit the ground.

    Here's another one...some of our pix were a little "X" rated thanks to JO...LOL

    http://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z425/1wildmare/Smokin%20Jo%20Polite/RonniesWedding020.jpg%5B/IMG%5D' target='_blank' title='http://forum.horse.com/%5BIMG%5 '>http://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z425/1wildmare/Smokin%20Jo%20Polite/RonniesWedding020.jpg%5B/IMG%5D'>
  • How neat, I think one of our other members is planning a horseback wedding!  Poor Jo!  What torture that must have been but what a testiment to your husband's training!
    Jo is gorgeous ':)'  Thanks so much for sharing ':)'
  • Well, my husband has nearly 40 years of experience training horses and he and Jo have a great relationship with mutual respect.  Even though Jo uh...really wanted to offer his, uh "services" to Silk Buttons he remembered his training..."those little mares will get me into trouble"....Jo is an exceptional stallion.  In fact, most everyone who meets him are stunned when they realize he is in fact a stallion.  And yes, I believe my husband to be an equally exceptional trainer...of course I'm a little bias I suppose, but he really is!  I'll brag on him if you let me.......LOL.

    So, who's the blessed member getting married?  I'd like to congratulate them?  How wonderful.  I loved getting married on horseback.  Funny, I got on single....and dismounted "married".  It was a wonderful day.  I am wishing this member the same!
  • I'm trying to remember who it was..... I'll have to look back through some posts and find it.