Hello Everyone!
I am HorseSpirit {Connie}.I was looking for a horse forum to join and this one looked good,so here I am! I hope to meet you all and make some new friends.
I am a 100% animal {especially horses} loving cowgirl. I live in southwestern Ontario,Canada.I am a horse trainer/animal rescuer.I do not own a horse of my own right now,but my days are filled with other people's horses.They come to me with people problems and I train the "horse whisperer " way. I lost my beloved QH/Arab mare a few back.She was one in a million,and as a tribute to her I went into training horses full time.
I ride all styles,but love trail riding.Also love the country,nature,skiing,photography and so much more.I am owned by a senior citizen house rabbit named Sweetpea...she just turned 10. Also own a cat named Angel who adopted me a few months back.On April 9th. she gave me a litter of 5 beautiful kittens! Now am trying to rehome the kittens and Angel will be spayed.
Anyway, will keep this short,but as I said hoping to meet/friend some of you.Until the next time....take care & may you and your animals stay blessed.
"In Riding A Horse We Borrow Freedom"