I there I am new to this forum and I am looking for help.
Around august/september of 2009 my grandfather gave me horses away(without my permission) to a guy that he thought really wanted them and would take care of them. BUt this guy lost interest..had more interest in drugs and was just lazy......He let the one horse get sick and die..never called a vet...then he allowed my horse Bandit to be locked in a stall beside his dead friend for over 6 weeks without food and water!!! Bandit has been rescued and is now calling Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue his home until he recovers..He is over 350 pounds underwieght and just skin and bones..they feel he will make a good recovery. and I went and visited him yesterday and he seemed like he had life back in his eyes again.. **Content Removed**
The first picture is of him when I had him the second is when he was rescued!!!