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New and looking for advice!

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New and looking for advice!
  • Hi folks

    I have just begun working with animals offering reiki therapy to help enhance their wellbeing. I guess most of you will have come across reiki, probably from a human perspective as that's where it is usually practised. It is great for animals too, and horses seem to love it and really benefit from the sessions.

    Trouble is, I don't have a horse and my knowledge about them is not as much as I would like, so I'm looking for suggestions about any videos, online courses or books to get that will give me a better understanding of horses. So when I'm working with them I will know the basics about body language, health etc. I'm sure that will help with my reiki for horses sessions.


  • Go volunteer at a horse rescue?

  • Have you been doing reiki long, perhaps on humans? My friend who does energy work on horses got requests from owners and she hadn't worked on people before so she had the person lean over so she could compare the body parts. Maybe you can do it backwards.

    When did you see it being done on horses? Maybe you can work out a trade for riding lessons. It's really not safe to deal with horses on an upclose and personal level with no experience.

  • Thanks folks. I only began reiki earlier this year but I have been doing a similar healing therapy for a few years. I have been working with reiki on animals throughout this year and it has been really positive. With horses I have the owner holding the horse but once the reiki flows the horses tend to be quite still.

    I don't have any interest in riding horses but learning about their body language and the basic understandings is something I try and pick up from the owners - and the horses themselves ;)