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Hello everyone!

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Hello everyone!
  • Hello!

    I just joined this forum today (12/30/13) and wanted to introduce myself (and my horse, of course!). My name is Kara and I am a twenty one year old Hunter Jumper. I'm big into Natural Horsemanship and have done training for people in my local area. Which is where I got my current horse! 

    Meet Patriot! His guy is a 14 year old Morgan/QH cross. I've been training this guy for three years for a friend. When I started with him all he could do was WTC around the ring in zig zags! He's now been schooling 2"6 at home and recently has been learning proper head set. He's a BLAST! Recently, the owner lost all interest and sold this great guy to me! I'm beyond thrilled to call him mine!

    I can't wait to meet you all and learn from you! 

    Top picture is from today, the bottom is from October. 

  • Welcome to the forum! Your horse is beautiful ':)' We have 4 horses, one of which is a Morgan/Arab mare we bought as a project for my 17 year old daughter who rides in Pony Club and events. She has a paint gelding that she has had since she was 12 and they make a great team ':)' We have a 21 year old large POA gelding who is still going strong and makes a great horse for little ones taking lessons at our place or for friends who want to go on a safe trail ride. I have a draft cross gelding we've had since he was not quite a yearling. He's my baby still ':)' I mostly trail ride now but used to event and go to shows. We're in Southern California, enjoying the great weather for riding right now ':)' Join us in our General Chat every day. Everyone shares what they are up to, horses and not.
  • Hello Grand, welcome to the forum. Your horse is really pretty. I have a morgan/Q.H. cross also. He is MusicMount on top and I don't know about the mare, but I love my boy. I also have two paint geldings. I trail ride and do trail trials with all my horses. It is fun and a good exercise for the horses. I live in Washington state, so back country riding is awesome. Hope to hear more about you and Patriot.
  • Hi! I just moved to Atlanta. What part of the world are you in? Great job on your awesome horse!!!