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  • Hi everybody!  I joined in september and i thought you might want to hear a little more about me...  I'm 15 and i live in Kansas.  I have two horses, an 8yr. old? mare...  And a two year old filly who I am going to be starting soon...[:D]   I'm really looking forward to riding her but I'm finding it hard to get motivated to get on with her training...[:(]  I do Clinton Anderson's method and it works very well for me.   And does anybody have tips for motivation?  I'll be like, I'm gonna work with Cami today... And then I start thinking about it and it doesn't inspire me anymore...  However! it  WILL get done in the end!!!  And that's all I have! See you!
  • How high can you count? That's about how many times you should put the saddle pad on and pull it off. [':D'] BOTH SIDES! Then do it all over again with the saddle! I learned that from DaneHaven! [':D']

    Have fun with your baby. Do stuff that stretches her mind. Take her on walks. Get her to step over stuff... wrap stuff around her head... put lipstick on...okay don't do that.

    Can she pick up her feet well? Groom her every time you're with her. Maybe you need to get to know her better and trust her more. 

    Anyway, it's great to see ya and hear about you. Hope to see pictures soon! 
  • Welcome! I got my gelding when he was 11 mos. old so we had lots of time to play. I took him for long walks, we did different exercises, worked on trailering, etc. and it certainly paid off. Try to think of the future, keep it short and simple, just 20 min. or so