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Too hot outside, I thought I would find some intertainment, indoors

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Too hot outside, I thought I would find some intertainment, indoors
  • Hello, from gods country.... Buckeye Az. was 121 today arg!!!!!Hope to learn, enlighten, and further mine and my horses education while staying out of the heat... Howdy all
  • Hello! Welcome to the forum. We're having a heat wave in Oregon, also. No air conditioning in my house so right now (almost 10pm) it's cooler outside than in. Tell us what kind of riding you do, and we always love pictures of the horses. [':)']
  • Wow!  That is pretty hot!  We're having a heat wave in Southern Cal also but today it hit the low 100's.... 
    Welcome to the forum.  My 17 year old daughter and I ride, mostly trail and eventing, we have 4 horses of our own and board 3.
  • Hey, WE all do what we gotta do, for our love of horses,,,,Right! hot weather, rain shine sleet.......I envie you out today riding/ Thank you for the welcome.... 
       Mark. E
  • How dee! Doing a stint in Hawaii. I know, but somebody's gotta make the sacrifice. Just lost a gelding to... natural causes I'm thinking. Laid down and went to sleep one night. That was a few weeks ago. So I'm down to 2. They're boarded in KY. I help out at a horse rescue periodically here. Not sure what's next for us as in, where we will end up in the states. 
  • I hear ya, almost 120 out here in yuma, AZ! 
    Right now, my horses are back home in NM and I'm out here with my husband who is a Marine. We're trying to get my horses here but its pretty expensive. 
    Welcome to the forum!
  •  Welcome to our forum.  Always glad to have new input.

    Should I assume you are a blacksmith from your handle?

    You have already found our general chat and know how to use it, so just want to say, Welcome and Happy Posting...er, that is posting as in putting words on the forum.  I doubt if you post when you ride.