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  • Hello Everyone [;)]

    I have been involved with horses in one way or another for the last 20 years. I currently have an 11 year old Arabian gelding and an almost 2 year old Curly. I am looking forward to meeting you all on here and talking about our mutual love of horses :)
  • Welcome to the forum!  We had a straight Curly for about 4 years!!  My "horse" girl was very allergic to horses when she was younger so I went to Oregon and tried out a young gelding, took hair/dandruff samples and all was good!  He ended up being a better Western horse while my daughter does eventing but he was a great horse.
    We're in So Cal and live on 5 acres with our own 4 horses and 3 boarders, plus several dogs, cats.  My daughter does Pony Club and eventing.  I mostly do trail on my draft gelding.  We have a paint, POA and a Morab.
    Join us in our General Chat every day.
  • Hi there! Welcome!! Curly's seem like really great horses. My horses are in KY, I'm in HI. I miss them. I won't be here forever.
  •   just saw this post.  Welcome to our forum.  Join us daily or as often as possible in General Chat.  Love the way Curlies look.  It goes without saying (but will anyway) that Arabs are beautiful horses.  Again, welcome and feel free to join in.
  • Just saw this. Welcome to the forum. Nice, knowledgeable people on here. Meet us daily in the General Chat or add to "The Last Word" in the Not Horse Related section. (Or post something anywhere else you like.) [':)']