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Hello from the Northwest!!

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Hello from the Northwest!!
  • Hello! well, to start: I have two horses. Golley and Brisco. Golley is a dun, 13.5hh, and very loving and willing. Brisco is a cremello (I like to call him white,) 17.5 hh, and very bossy and loves using you for a scratch post - but I don't mind! I am 15 years old. I know a lot about horses - but not everything. I hope I can learn almost everything - because everything wouldn't fit into my brain!! I love to ride, photograph, read, and do Sudoku. - no, I'm not a nerd. :P I am also very sarcastic. :) I hope I can meet and become friends with all of you. Well, I tried posting some pictures of my horses, but the photo uploader does not like me.
  • Welcome! I find it easier to upload your photos to photobucket, it's free and pretty easy, you can make them private so others can't see them, then you take the images code and copy and paste it into your message 
  • oh, ok. thanks!
  • Welcome!! I bet your horses are beautiful! Can't wait to see pics!!
  • Welcome!  We are in Southern California.  My middle daughter, Kelly (16) and I ride quite a bit.  My younger daughter, Shay (15) rides a little.  We have 4 horses, Cody who is my 18 hd. perch/TB gelding, Tahoe who is Kelly's paint gelding for eventing, Spirit who is Shay's POA pony gelding and Athena who is Kelly's new Arab/morgan mare.  We do a lot of trail riding and some eventing.
    What do you do with your horses?  Welcome and join us every day in our General Chat.