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New here!
  • Hello from Southern California =) I currently ride Western, but grew up riding English. I attached some photos of me and Flash ( I hope they show up lol ) looking forward to meeting you all and learning new things!
  • And one more picture of his handsome self =)
  • Welcome kellie and handsome Flash.
  • Welcome, Kellie!  I have a Kelly myself ':)'  My 16 yr. old daughter, whom also rides ':)'  Flash looks like he's a nice mover for English ':)'  My Kelly does Pony Club (eventing) and I mostly do trail although I used to do Pony Club and event.
    We're in SoCal too, in Riverside.  Whereabouts are you?
  • Thanks =) he was a barrel racer and has been trained in Dressage as well, but really prefers the barrels so I tend to ride him Western more than I do English. I do small jumps with him too which he doesn't seem to mind. I am in Bakersfield, CA so I'm a good 3 hours north from you! We looked into moving to the Riverside area, but it's just too expensive down that way O.O
  • LOVE your name, first of all. Flashforward is your boy's full name? Awesome! My horse's name is Zagnut. [8|]
    I just moved to CT from the MidSouth in April and will be moving to Hawaii at the end of the year! Zag is in KY with my other two, Master Miles and Bullwinkle. They're former harness racers so... I think the owners run out of names.
  • Thanks =) those are def. some unique names!! I kinda like them [':)']  Hawaii sounds niiiice, are you able to bring any of your horses with you?
  • No. Bringing two dogs is going to just about break me. I know the horses are safe and well cared for so... two are retired and my riding horse... [':('] I miss him.