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  • Hello All! My name is Lauren and I just joined the forums! I am currently leasing a quarter horse mare named Mischa. She is seven years old, and her previous owner has passed away. I plan on taking great care of her and training her from the ground up as she has forgotten most of her basics and needs a lot of ground work (previous owner was an elderly man who treated her as a pet and hadn't ridden her in years). Hopefully we make a great team! I will be posting pictures and updates on her. Thanks, Lauren aka "LadyEpona"
  • Lauren-welcome to the forum!  Congratulations on your new mare ':)' 
    I'm in Southern Cal and mostly trail ride with my daughter and a riding buddy.  My daughter does Pony Club (eventing).
    Where do you hail from?
  • Welcome!! How old is your new mare?