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Hello to all.

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Hello to all.
  • Hello everyone,I'm new to the forum and newish to owning horses.We have 3 horses Cebus/Egyptian geld,Diago/Arabian geld,and Ruby/Mustang mare.I'll probably tend to ask a lot of questions as I'm new to owning horses.
  • HI! *waving from Oregon* Welcome to the forum. Ask away! There are lots of knowledgeable, helpful folk on here. Feel free to join us in the daily thread under General Chat or The Last Word under Not Horse Related. Or join us anywhere else you want - just jump right in. [':)']
  • Welcome from hot Southern California!
    We have 3 horses, Cody-a percheron/TB gelding, Tahoe-a paint gelding and Spirit-a POA gelding.  We just sold our Hanoverian mare and gave back a feed-leased gelding so I'm rejoicing in lowered equine bills!
    Join us in our General Chat!
  • For some reason I LOVE the name Cebus!! Not sure I've ever heard it before.
    Welcome! What part of FL?
  • Welcome.  Yes, to echo hunterseat, what part of Florida?