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proper introduction
  • Okay so through some drama I am no longer at the ranch I was previously at and therfor no longer leasing outlaw :[. However I was previously offered to buy this mare but couldn't so the owner has offered to let me lease her and do anything I want on her. This is Bad boys little hickory aka hickory, a 6 year old registered quarter horse mare. She is very green I have been on her 2 times and she is insanely smooth hhowever does fight you at times. She knows a lot but is rusty on it due to just being used for trail riding the last year or so, so I will be getting her tuned back up and then startin her on the barrels and maybe some western pleasure for the heck of it. Excuse my horrible eq. In the riding pics it was my first time on her and she was quite full of herself haha and the baby in the pic is the mares owners son and that was the night after she coliced he wanted to 'help' her.
  • Welcome to the forum, Bingo.  Sorry, your pictures didn't come through.  You usually need to upload them to Webshots or photobucket and then put them on here.  Can't wait to see your pictures!
  • More wet saddle blankets! [':D'] Hope you have a successful and fun time with Hickory!
    Welcome! Hope to see your pictures eventually!