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  • Hello!  New to the horse world and to the site so I will probably be in here with ALOT of questions. 
  • Hello and welcome. [':)']
  • Post on! [':D'] And since I know she's there, tell your wife hello and she's welcome anytime, too!!
  • Welcome!  I'm out in Southern Cal, have 5 horses, love to trail ride and in the past did eventing, now just on a low level ':)'  My younger 2 girls ride, too and my hubby sometimes does too.
    Tell us about yourself and join in on our General Chat every morning ':)'
  • Hello my name is Warren, Im new here and hoping we be friends and can share knowledge about horses
  • Hi Warren,
    Welcome to the forum!  Join us in our General Chat we have every day to get to know each other.  Is it nice and cool over there right now?  We're HOT in southern California right now......
  • Hi Warren and welcome to this forum, see you soon around here!