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Just joined today!

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Just joined today!
  • Hi everybody!  I've been looking for a good horse forum to join recently, and after haunting the board this morning, I decided you all looked like a friendly lot and I joined right up.  :)  I'm a former horse owner, but I work with a herd of horses at a camp where I am head wrangler this summer.  All types of horses come through there, and I love seeing the campers interact with them.  A lot of my saddle time is spent on the trails - I really enjoy a lot of steeper, more challenging trails whenever I'm not with campers - but I also enjoy contesting, giving lessons, and working with young horses.

    I also see that you all seem to like horse people who are also dog people.  I'll fit right in!  :D  I've got a Black Lab/Pit Bull mix named Wrangler who does everything with me.

    Whenever I'm not head wrangling at camp or off having fun with my dog, I work at a tack shop and a local Hallmark store.  Looking for something full-time so I can actually own a horse again.  There's a gelding at camp I'm hoping to buy in the fall, so here's hoping for a great job!

    Looking forward to getting to know all of you!
  • Hi there! I just moved to CT so I'm horseless at the moment - though I pay for a few of them living in KY. I have dogs, too, scattered hither and yon.
    Does the tack shop have a website? sounds like a dangerous place to work. (tack shop) And the camp job sounds like the ultimate summer job! Way to go on scoring that one!!
    Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures! Glad you decided to chime in! [':)']

  • Oh good, I'm not alone in the "horseless" boat.  Are your horses in Kentucky gonna move up to Connecticut with you eventually?

    The tack shop does have a website!  I'm actually the website lady.  [':D']  I put up new products and maintain inventory levels and all that fun stuff.  It's&nbsphttp://www.discountstable.com if you want to check us out or find us on Facebook.  We're a fairly new store and have only been in business for about a year and a half.  It's a consignment tack shop, but we have a lot of new items as well.  And yes, it's very dangerous working there, especially with employee discounts (Hallmark, not so much, haha).  I don't know why they even pay me.  They should say, "Well, here's that huge stack of merchandise you're just going to blow your paycheck on anyway."
    Yes, I love working at camp.  [':D']  Working with horses and kids at the same time is my bread and butter.  Challenging at times, but downright magical at others.  I'm sure I'll pop back in every week with some new stories.
  • Welcome MoseyDown The Trail,
    Glad you joined us. [':)']
  • Welcome!  I'm in southern Cal, have 5 horses (trying to cut back but they're like potato chips!) and mostly enjoy trail riding and a little eventing ':)'  I worked at a dude ranch one summer and a girl scout camp with horses another and it is a mostly fun job ':)'
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