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  • I love Egyptian Arabs!!  My first horse was an Egyptian Arab and Tennessee Walker cross.  Only 1/8th Walker, though.  He was shaped like an Arab, except he was 16.2 hands.  Looked like an Arab on stilts!  I loved, loved, loved that horse.  Just like you describe, you couldn't wear him out, and the pre-flight check was just like you said...to see which side of the corral he woke up on that day.  What wonderful, amazing horses...and they really are better in the sand!  My friends with non-desert breeds had no end of trouble in the sand washes, but we just floated over the top with those big, fat feet of his!  You probably don't have much sand to test that theory where you live.  Is your guy a dream on the trail?

    It's so interesting to me the difference in the energy between Silk (TB) and Bear (the Arab X).  A lot of her energy was nervous, or fear-inspired, especially in the early days.  She gets rattled easily.  With Bear it was more like super enthusiasm.  He was not often scared, but was always ready to go...and the faster we went the better he liked it.  But he was thinking the whole time.  Brain was in gear, and often he used it to cause considerable mischief.  He liked going new places and doing new things.  That is my experience on the whole with Arabs...does your horse fit into that as well?  I know I'm generalizing, there will always be exceptions...but I find it's really interesting to see what the general inclinations of the breeds are.   I think the truth of it is I'm just fascinated by horse behavior, whatever flavor they are!  LOL
  • Ha! I always liked it when a flock of birds would fly out of the bushes and the "Quarter types" (appys, paints, etc.) would spook and Kabarr (the 'crazy Arabian') would just keep plodding along - "Oh, yeah, birds. Ho hum."

    It's hard to ride with those type of horses, though because his walk is so much faster that we constantly have to stop and wait if we're in front, or he's 'running up their tailpipe' if we're in back.

    One place where I kept him, they had turnouts that were kind of long and narrow. He was such a stinker. They would all be down at the far end grazing when he would whip his head up and take off 'running' toward the other end. The QH types would, of course, run too, thinking the lions were going to get them. I could see him smirking..."Ha ha...Made ya run." [':D']
  • Oh that's hilarious!  I love how they can just drop everything and run like that, just for the fun of it!  Bear had a trick in turn out too...his turn out was a big corral where some horses lived full time, but he was just in there during the day.  He would round everyone up for morning exercise as soon as he got out there, and run them around until HE felt like they were done.  LOL  Must have been some very in-shape horses in there!  I bet they were all ever so glad when he went back to his stall.

    We had trouble with the fast walk too...always circling around and he would practically be tapping his toe waiting for everyone.  Man could that horse cover some ground.  He would have been perfect for competitive trail riding I think, but I was pretty young, and more into 4-H and that kind of thing.  Though we spent a lot of summers just flying through the sand washes...on our own.  Probably kinda stupid of us, but hey, we were young and completely invincible. [':D']
  • Zag and I sometimes trail ride with an arab, not sure what type.  Rebel can move but his rider is really paranoid of going in the sand ditches.  She's seen horses sink some... I never have.   Zag can keep up but he likes going fast anyway.
    Zag has some mischief in him, too.  Like waiting till the other horses take a nice roll in the dirt and then running up and goosing them... until they get up and chase him.