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  • Hi everyone... My name is Becky  I'm a horse owner from Arkansas! 
  • Nice to meet ya! We are glad you are here. [':)']
    Join us in the General Chat morning/daily thread.

  • Nice to meet you too & I sure will when things slow down for me.... this week is a busy week for me right now!
  • Welcome to the forum!  It's a bunch of really friendly, horse-loving people ':)'  We all learn from each other.  Look forward to hearing from you.
  • Hi Becky!  *waves*  I'm right across the river.... the Memphis area.  That's where I work and I live in North MS.  I have a great friend who lives just west of West Memphis.  Do you really ride bulls?  *gulp*
  • oh wait.... you BELONG to a bull rider. [':D']  So you're a bull rider's girl!!  I get it!
    I can be a bit of a palomino.
  • Welcome!  I'm a newbie here as well...not only that, a native Arkansan now living in Florida!  Howdy! 
  • Thanks for the welcome & nice to meet you! Yes I belong to a bullriders. Well he's retired from bullriding now but he is still into it & I'm into barrel racing. Our daughter chases cans now & I'm going to get back into to myself next season.  
  • Welcome Becky, I'm Helena... Im not on as much as I use to be but welcome. I myself use to be a bullriders wife. I have 3 kids my daughters the oldest and she enjoys rodeo and jumping. I myself do it. My two boys LOVE to ride the youngest does barrels poles name it he does it with a lead line Do to his Spina Bifida. My other son rides but isnt sure if he wants to ride bulls or stick with anything to do w horses.
     Again welcome.
  • Thanks for the welcome Helena...glad to meet you! I have 4 kids myself & out of the 4 only one that is into rodeo. And that is the one that barrel races. She wants to follow in her Daddy's footsteps & become a bullrider but we said no because we know how dangerous it can be. Awhile back a friend of ours was going to give bull riding lessons & she said she wanted to take them & he said if you bullride I'm gonna turn you over my knee cause I don't want you hurt (that is what our friend told our daughter) She started running barrels at the age of 4 & has the horse she started running on.
        I'm proud of your son.... he doesn't let his spina bifida get in the way of his riding. That shows alot in a person. We have a bullrider in our rodeo association that has cerebal palsy & he gets out there & rides like no one can believe. We have to be proud of all the kids that has the courage to get out there & do what nobody would think they could do.

    Again thanks for the welcome!