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  • Hello from the Poconos......
  • Hello again, and Welcome to the world of our forums.
  • Hiya!!  Hope the Poconos are treating you well!! [':)'
    Connie, run on over and bring her some cookies for us, could ya?  [':D']
  • Welcome to the forum!  Join us for our general chat every morning.
  • Coffee and  chat in the am sounds great' and how early is this??
  • Show up when you can!  If you don't see a morning thread, jump right in and start one!  Let us know what you're up to for the day!
  • It must be in the teens here this morning' Have to go to the stables in the cold befor work. About 10 wks before the nice weather. Can't wait to ride! Thanks for the web site hunterseat'  Finished putting the xmas stuff away.
     Everyone have a good Monday!
  • Thanks for the web site hunterseat'

    You're welcome!! [8D] 
    lol  I'm not sure what web site but I spend a lot of time not knowing what's going on! [':D']
  • I don't have a horse !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1