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Hello horse.com forum....

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Hello horse.com forum....
  • Hi, I'm new in this forum and since this is a horse forum I'll introduce my horse first [;)]...
    It's a 17 yrs old gelding. He's chestnut colored and 5'11" (I know, that's biiiig[;)]). He's used to jumping and dressage and he's the most comfortable horse I've ever ridden... He's a german breed and called Grand Slam
    Besides riding him, I also ride a lot of other horses... I ride school horses and horses of friends and every time there's a possibility of going into the saddle I take it without thining.
    When I first met Grand Slam, I was in my street clothes and was wearing sneakers and had no helmet because I only wanted to have a look at him, not riding him, but as the owner asked me if I'd like to have a ride I immediately mounted and was in the saddle for about an hour[:)]!
  • Sounds like Grand Slam was love at first sight!! 
    Welcome!!  Looking forward to GS pictures!