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Introducing me (:

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Introducing me (:
  • Hi! Im Grace. I have been riding horses for almost 6 years now. I have leased 4 horses, and I currently lease a 6 year old Appendix QH. He is 16.1 hands and Is very sweet. His name is Crooked Halo, aka Rocco. My favorite thing to do is jump. I w/t/c and jump up to 3 foot. I am currently schooling in x country and I am starting to train Rocco in dressage. A couple months ago I started Training a 2 1/2 year old pinto gelding. his name was Rip. I had a great bond with him but sadly he was sold. One of my favorite things to do is have galloping races with my best friend at the barn, Dazzleme. [:)]
  • AWESOME!  I'll let you guess my favorite riding style!!  [';)']
    Leasing is a wonderful way to go.  My best friend half-leases an Appendix.  Looking forward to seeing you around!! 
    ps. Galloping scares me! 
  • Welcome!  Sounds like Rocco is a good guy.  I LOVE x-country.  My gelding just turned 6 and we're starting dressage and have had a couple x-country clinics that were fun!  When I was younger, my friends and I used to love to race.  My gelding always bucked though when he would pass the other horse and then we'd lose!!  Hope to see you around!
  • Haha! Rocco is like that. I was racing my friend when he started freaking out and bucking. haha
  • Gallloping used to scare me. but not anymore
  • I think when you know your horse and what they will do, it really helps ':)'  Used to worry that my current gelding would buck when we cantered, galloped when he was 4-5, but now he's pretty steady, just have to make sure we have room to stop as he's a big guy and not real coordinated at the canter/gallop yet!
  • Thats good that he's calmed down a bit!
  • I always worry about a stumble or stepping in a hole at a gallop.  Cantering doesn't seem to bother me AT ALL.  Maybe I just haven't done enough galloping. [':)']
  • Hah, I was afraid of that today, but once you search around for holes its fun. heres a vid of Rocco and I!