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Hello everyone, I am new here.

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Hello everyone, I am new here.
  • Just joined today. I am 58 years old and have had horses my whole life. It was alot different owning horeses back in the 50's and 60's. Horse knowledge has come a long way! I live in Minnesota and own a 19-year old Morgan mare who is very very herd bound. But I love her to pieces. I live on a small hobby farm and also have chickens, turkeys, dogs cats and koi. I also have guinia pigs and parakeets. And I can't forget the 15 barn cats. Talk about fur therapy!
      I rescue horses from the local auction and bring them back to health. Usually someone will come over and fall in love with that horse and take it home. I love happy endings! 
  • Greetings from a fellow Minnesotan!  Sounds like you have quite the place.  I have a 2 1/2 year old Fjord gelding.  2 cats and 1-2 dogs (depending on where BF's dog is staying).  Someday I'll have my own little farm, but for now I live in town.  Welcome to the forum!
  • [quote=tandygirl]
    Talk about fur therapy!

    I LOVE this!  I'll have to use it sometime!  I have quite a bit of fur at my place, too![':)']
    Thanks for being a rescuer!  Nice seeing you here!!

  • Thanks for the welcome. Don't you just love the winter we are having here??
      You are very welcome to use the phrase fur therapy, I heard it from someone else and just passed it along. The other one I love is people who complain about hair on the furniture, don't complain, that is why it's called FURniture!! HAHAHA!!!
  • We should be in the mid-40's today!  WOO HOO!
  • That sounds wonderful! We are warming up to the mid 30's this week, so it will feel like a heatwave.
  • I don't think we've hit 30's up here yet (i'm North of Moorhead...by Grand Forks, ND), but the weather has been GREAT since monday.  This past weekend was pretty trecherous though. 
    What about fur on the carpet?
  • [quote=samsara]
    What about fur on the carpet?

    That's where I keep my best fur! [':)']

  • Hello, Ther . Welcome. I am new to the horse world!  But i am so glad i live in Florida. Not to much cold here...