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  • this is my response test to the test.
  • If this is a new format....wow!  What happened to all the old posts and stuff?  Will they all get carried over at some point or are they all lost?
  • My own test test......  My hardrive was just wiped and this is still slow but I'll be slow, too, getting used to it.  Thanks for working on this even when so many thought you weren't.   It's exciting.  Looking forward to getting familiar with a new format.
    Okay, when I click on "You may attach file(s) to this message" I get an error message.  I hope we can still add pics this way because I can't stand going through photobucket!!
  • The new form foremat is indeed a pleasant surprise!  It is e-x-t-r-e-m-e-l-y slow with dial up.  The old one was much faster.  Now I play solitaire while I wait for it to load anything.  We can't get DSL out here in the sticks! 
    Thanks to all for their hard work!
  • Seeing if this works?
  • Test back 'atcha. [':)']
  • Test Image Upload
  • Aw...my avatar is gone....[&o]
    Does the M stand for Mouse?  You ever see Fivel? ':)'
  • I had my avitar yesterday for a while but it disappeared so today I Redid the avitar and still nothing...
    Where is the old site????
    I had a thread with 22,000 hits now its gone..no warning I would have saved all of it if I had Known it was going away!!
  • And lo he uploaded an image!
  • I am here I think... what happened to all of our info????