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way too hot but

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way too hot but
  • very beautiful sky this morning.  Poor new horse is stuck in the barn with stalls to protect her from Tessa.  She does not seem to mind and drinks a LOT which is good.  Eats well and is getting friendlier...has always let me work on her but now she is making overtures of friendship.  

    Walked behind the barn to take a picture of the sunrise and Tessa followed me...she certainly can walk quietly and manages to be just behind my shoulder.

    Still considering names.

    Hope all are dealing with the heat if you are getting what I have had all week.

  • Good morning.

    We have a bit of a respite from the bad heat.

    May get rain the next couple days.

    Chica's squealing and kicking has lessened.

    Tex and Prize are mostly just play biting over fences.

    It just takes time and patience, we are at just over 20? days.

    Everyone have a great midweek.

  • Looks like our heat is going to hit this weekend. Early morning rides it will be!!!

    We went to the Outer Banks last weekend for the first time. Loved it. It is cooler out there with a constant breeze that has a slight hint of a chill.

    Couple wild stallions on the dunes.

  • Well the real heat of summer has arrived.  It's supposed to be 105 here in Oak Run today.  The real Northern California has segued into Summer.  Oh... joy.  It's going to get a bit worse over the next two weeks, according to the Weather Service.  Next week not so bad as it won't quite hit a hundred, however the week after is to be well over a hundred.  Oh... joy .  I just may find an excuse to spend a LOT more time at Fawn Lodge where it will be cooler.  Particularly at night.

    The garden is going gangbusters, for now.  We will see after next week.  I may have to put out a saran shade just to keep things alive.  Then again there's the water situation up here when it gets hot like this.  Doesn't look to be a wonderful summer, so far.

    The roommate is leaving for Wyoming for a month or two.  I will have to spend more time at the 'Lodge because the kitties do have to be fed.  My Queens have kitties to feed you know.  They're finally letting us see them.  Pretty little things!  This may not set well with Jmebear, but I do have a lot to get done there as well as here in Oak Run.  Gotta get the water set up here before leaving for any length of time.

    The horses have been enjoying all the time out.  I have been considering running more fencing across the lower pasture so that they will have more room to play and grass to eat.  Pounding posts in this heat though is... difficult and very slow going, to say the least.

    Well, I hope everyone has a great weekend!