Well, took the second load out of Fawn Lodge today.  Looks like this is going to be a weekly thing now.  Since George's passing, his brother took possession of the property and has given me the boot.  Of course, no mention of the money they owe me.  Likely never see that.  Ah well, that's their burden to bear. 

Those troublesome neighbors have started to harass Jmebear again.  She didn't want them to park in her front yard and they called code enforcement and accused us both of everything except being ugly.  Oh, wait a minute, I'm pretty sure that too.  The inspector came over and found only that the Shipping container we store hay in was a problem.  He said he would look into it and contact Jmebear in a week or two.  So we shall see what the neighbor's second round of harassment shall bring.

About shipping containers in Shasta County, Ca:  They are vehicles and not a building (legally speaking even though you can't register the container, it's the rack trailer that carries it that is issued a plate and tags).  Hence the county can't tax 'em.  If they can't tax it you can't have it!  Gotta LOVE California!  Although, I have found out that this area, property Taxes, is a problem in many states.

So glad to get back to the horses.  I really miss them in Fawn Lodge.

The engine I bought for Bess ('56 Studebaker Parkview wagon) isn't what it was represented to be.  I am hoping to get it running next week.  We shall see.  That's one project that is going much slower than I would like.

Well, I do hope everyone has a great weekend.  I'm gonna get my kiddos out and play.