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Storms Surround

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Storms Surround
  • us but thankfully miss.
    Only another 1/2 inch but grateful to miss hail and rotations.

    Since it is wet I have been doing some transplanting.
    We are rich with salvia starts.
    Mostly pink but I have a few coveted red.
    I got a couple purple in past and bought two more this year.
    Also got a couple blue.I need a couple white and there is a bi-color I will but if I find them.

    Salvia checks all the boxes here, easy care, heat, drought and deer resistant and hummingbird approved.
    I may as well use them to my advantage.

    I pruned the tomatoes but still need shade and hail protection.
    Today is cattle working day.

    Have a great day!

  • yeah, I have to put a Saran shade over my tomatoes as well.  Particularly the Peppers!  Everything is doing great out in the pots and seed shelves.  The lettuce is up! #:~D  Still waiting on the tomatoes though.

    got a washer and dryer for free yesterday.  I'll be pulling the washer apart to see WHY it's free later today.  I suspect someone didn't remove the shipping clamps.   He also gave me the remainders of a Harbour Freight greenhouse.  Lots of polycarbonate panels and what was left of the aluminum frame.  Long drive to get it, run errands, and refill the truck with fuel.  Didn't get back here till nine PM.

    Received notice to be out of Fawn Lodge by November.  Was glad to get so much time, I must admit.  My expectation was ninety days.  Of course no word about the forty grand George owed me!  Will never see that again, no surprise there (roll of the eyes).

    I hope everyone has a great weekend.