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Sunday Chica Day

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Sunday Chica Day
  • She turns 14 today.
    Where did that time go?

    We did get an inch of rain yesterday.
    But a cold north wind came with it.

    The hail missed us thankfully.
    I would have been angry had my garden been hailed on.
    I will devise a cover over the plants, they will need shading anyway.

    I hope everyone's Spring goes splendidly.
  • So far so good... Working on getting the garden in.  Still weak from being sick and have no stamina at all.  Nonetheless plugging along anyway.

    I know about old horses.  Socks was twenty last year!  Which means I've already had him ten years!  #:~O  Tempus Fugit!!  #;~p

    Yeah, I'm going to have to come up with some kind of shade cloth for my Tomatoes and lettuce this year in Oak Run.  They will still get a bit of direct sun, without being baked all day.  I put the peppers in a place where they will get shade for about half the day.  I cheated and bought started tomatoes and Peppers.  However seeded in Chives, Onions, two types of Radish and Pablo red lettuce (a red-blushed semi-head lettuce that is reputably more tolerant to heat).  I also seeded in a more heat-tolerant type of tomato, Sophie's Choice, that I am hoping will fill in when the others faint from our hundred-plus -degree summers.  Also spread a few bags of "wildflowers," a cutting flower collection, and some "California Wildflowers."  We shall see if they make a go of it.  busy, busy, busy... with the garden.  Now I have to make modifications to the existing drip system and make up a whole new one or two.  Need to run some water pipe too.  That's going to be fun with the tractor down.  I'll have to dig with a pick and shovel.  Oh... fun.  Oh yeah, need to go by HD to get another hose.  Then again, I might just be a rebel and get it from the local Ace. #;~p

    Well I hope everyone's Sunday was a blessed one!  I'm still wondering how Easter got separated from Passover this year.  They're linked and should be celebrated on the same weekend.   The confusion of an old man who doesn't 'get' a lot of the nonsense going on nowadays.

    I hope everyone has a great week coming up!