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Sunday So Ready

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Sunday So Ready
  • for this eclipse craziness to be over.
    Our towns are overrun.

    A state of emergency has been announced.
    All businesses are closing and barricading their parking lots.
    There are traffic warnings.

    I was in town this past Wednesday to watch TRex while B had a dental appointment.
    I stopped at store to grab a couple things. Bread, buns and cheese since we were having guests.
    The store was so crowded and shelves were stripped.
    I managed to snag a loaf of bread at our local dollar store.

    Guests arrive this afternoon.
    They are bringing BBQ and we are having burgers tomorrow.
    I will be so glad to see Wednesday.

    Everyone have a great week.

  • I was in totality for the 2017 eclipses. It was neat. I also tracked the temperature changes, which was dramatic. Horses could have cared less. We are supposed to see around 80% this time around..

  • I am keeping horses in today.

    Our south side is on the highway.

    It is high fenced but I don't trust the crazies.